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A fantastic group of volunteers have agreed to lead home groups for the youth this summer. High school guys will be with Shane Shepherd, Peter Griffith, and Chris (Krammy) Kramedjian. Junior high guys will be with Brian Nicholson and Jason Mulkey. All girls will meet at the same location with Allison Smith and Elizabeth Stewart, but the junior highers will break into a small group with Elizabeth and the high schoolers will go with Allison. 

All high schoolers will be studying from Dr. Michael Krugers’ “Surviving Religion 101”. Dr. Kruger is a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary and has lots of great things to say about keeping the faith in an increasingly secular society.

All junior highers will be going through a Reformed Youth Ministries study on Christology. This will be a great opportunity to reflect on the foundation of our faith: the incarnation of the Son of God.