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Arts & Culture Nights

  • The Music of Bruce Springsteen: Community, Exclusion, and Inclusion by Jim Angehr (5/16/2008)
  • Piety and Patronage: Public Religion and Private Faith in the Art and Times of Caravaggio by Shannon Damron (6/20/2008)

  • The Music of Bruce Springsteen: Fragmentation of Community and Limits of Salvation by Jim Angehr (7/18/2008)
  • Looking for the Kingdom Come in the Music of U2 by Randy Lucas (2/20/2009)
  • The Growth of Christianity in the Roman Empire: Monuments and Their Relevance by Shannon Damron (6/19/2009, 7/17/2009)
  • U2: All That You Can’t Leave Behind by Randy Lucas (8/21/2009)
  • Father’s Day: Reflections on Fathers and Children in the Music of Bruce Springsteen by Jim Angehr (6/18/2010)
  • Demystifying Washington: Modern American Political Culture and the Process of Engagement by Tom Sell (11/12/2010)
  • What Has Jerusalem to Do with Athens? by Mark Gring (1/28/2011)
  • Don’t Make Me Use My Opera Voice! Operatic Culture in La Boheme by Matthew and Allison Smith (4/1/2011)
  • Living in L’Abri: Reflections on a Missional Community by John Smith (9/16/2011)
  • Life After Babel: Linguistic Diversity, Cross-Cultural Witness, and Global Community in the 21st Century by Megan Smith (4/13/2012)
  • How Can a Landscape Painting Be About the Fall, Redemption, and Restoration?: An Evening with Laura Lewis by Laura Lewis (11/2/2012)

Miscellaneous Recordings