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Youth Ministries

Youth Ministry at Providence Presbyterian Church

Mission Statement and Leadership Structure

I. Vision Statement

We at Providence Presbyterian Church long to see our junior and senior high youth trained and training to be followers of Jesus Christ who seek God’s kingdom peace—his shalom—in every sphere of their lives.

II. Mission Statement

Youth Ministry (YM) at Providence Presbyterian Church seeks to encourage our young men and women to grow in love both to their parents and to the Lord. YM will provide biblical teaching to our youth, offer avenues for fellowship in order to build godly relationships, and present opportunities for our youth to engage in service to our families, our church family, and our community.

III. Core/foundational Values

1) The covenant family

The elders and YM wish to state emphatically that the primary means of Christian instruction for children is the family. In keeping with the vow of the congregation at every infant baptism to “assist the parents in the Christian nurture of [our children]”, YM at Providence serves an auxiliary role to the home and always strives to turn the hearts of children to their parents (Malachi 4:6). YM will continually seek to integrate itself into the life of the congregation—not separate from it—and involvement from parents is encouraged and needed.

2) Historic Christianity and the Reformed tradition

YM in its teaching will not offer “Christianity light” to its youth. The content of instruction in YM will hold to, appreciate, and propagate the confessional standards of our church.

3) Shalom

The Bible unfolds the story of God’s restoration of people and place through his reign of “shalom”—the Hebrew word for peace. The center of this shalom is Christ, through whom and by whose resurrection we receive reconciliation with the Father and the resource for reconciliation between people. YM will assist our youth and our families to receive, share, and build this peace into Lubbock and West Texas.

4) Culture and “worldview”

As with the teaching of Providence in general, so also with YM specifically: Scripture teaches us not only how to be “saved” but an entire “worldview,” a means of viewing and understanding all of God’s creation. Given the decline of the knowledge and practice of Christian disciplines born from Scripture in our culture and the particular vulnerability of teens to unbiblical systems, it is crucial that YM articulate to our youth a Biblical worldview that they may be equipped to face the challenges and seize the opportunities afforded to us and them in the milieu of today.

5) Mission

YM values the missional call to the church and to Christians to live for gospel and kingdom.

IV. Our Missional Triad

The chief aims of YM fall into three categories:

1) Biblical truth

The only means of growth in Christ is through the truth of God’s Word, as illuminated through the Holy Spirit (John 17:17). Serious and sustained instruction in the Scriptures is the foundation of this ministry. We wish YM to be used of God, in addition to instruction in the home, Sunday School, and corporate worship, to build up our children in the knowledge of the doctrines and stories of the Bible. Any other basis or grounds is “sinking sand.”

2) Service

The Lord Christ calls us to seek the shalom of our city and region, and YM will serve as a mobilizer of kingdom service among our young men and women (Jeremiah 29:7). In order to train our young people for future servant leadership and because such service is needed now, our youth will be offered informal encouragement and formal opportunities to love in word and deed those in our community, beginning with the household of faith.

3) Fellowship

While recognizing that relationships among youth outside of the church is not necessarily “bad” and that relationships among youth within the church are not necessarily “good,” Christ’s call to his disciples to love one another (John 13:34-35) certainly extends to our teens. A component of YM will be to provide a safe venue, with activities to that end, in which friendships among youth can develop and strengthen.

V. Leadership structure

1) Relationship of YM to Session

YM at Providence occurs under the full oversight and direction of the Session.

2) YM Committee

Under the Session, YM is led by a committee of volunteers that will jointly and by delegation oversee the direction and execution of YM. Parents of children and RUF students are encouraged to be a part of this committee, but it is not limited to them.

3) YM coordinator

The leader or moderator of the YM committee will be a man appointed by the Session as YM coordinator.