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Men’s Ministries

The history of mankind is littered with the story of men either refusing to lead as they should or abusing the power entrusted to them. Far too often women and children are the victims of either the male’s apathy to God’s commands or his unbiblical aggression and domination. As Christians, neither of these is an acceptable substitute for the servant leadership to which the Bible calls men. We recognize that it is only through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ that men can truly fulfill their roles. At Providence Church we seek to call men to “act like men” according to the Biblical calling and to fulfill their roles in the home, church and wider culture. Moreover, God’s Word calls not only men, but all people to fulfill their God-given roles living lives that reflect the love for God in the way we relate to one another.

Men’s activities include:

  • Weekly prayer meetings
  • Monthly gatherings
  • Annual retreats

See the church calendar (under “PPC Community”) for days and times of these activities.