What does someone do if they are interested in getting involved in our church?

One does not have to be a member to participate in the church’s activities, although there are many reasons to join a church.

How does someone join Providence Presbyterian Church?

The normal process for joining our church is to attend an Inquirer’s Class, give a credible profession of saving faith in Christ, take vows before the congregation, and be baptized if the person has never been before. The Inquirer’s Class discusses various details of our church, such as salvation in Jesus Christ, the doctrines of our church, and the responsibilities of church members. The next step is to meet with the pastor and give a credible profession of faith, for one must be a Christian before joining a church. The final step in the process is to take vows of membership before the congregation. If the person has never been baptized, they would need to do so. However, any previous baptism in a Christian church would satisfy this requirement.

Communing and non-communing members

There are different types of church membership.

Communing members are those who have given a credible profession of faith, have been baptized, and have been admitted to the Lord’s Supper. They are called communing members because they are eligible to receive communion. There is no minimum age to being a communing member as long as they are old enough to understand their sin, faith and repentance.

Non-communing members are children whose parents who are members of the church. These children have not been granted access to the Lord’s Supper as a protection against them eating and drinking judgment on themselves if they were to partake of communion in an unworthy manner (1 Corinthians 11:27-29). Nevertheless, they are regarded as (non-communing) members of the church by birthright, and as such have the benefit of the prayers and oversight of the church. Children should not think in terms of “joining the church” when they get older because they already are members. They have the responsibility of living as a representative of Christ, and it is their duty and privilege to personally accept Christ as Savior and consequently be admitted to the Lord’s Supper.

Why should someone be a member of a church?

The emphasis of church membership has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with placing yourself under the authority and supervision of the church. Spiritual authorities are important because they give us watchful care and instruction. They correct us when we are wrong, and protect us from the sins of others. It is not wrong for someone to look for the right church for a period of time before joining, but their goal should be to join as soon as they find the right church.

What are the areas of involvement?

Even though our church is still young, there are various areas of involvement and service. A primary way of service is to get to know the people of Lubbock. New churches are much easier to get involved with than older churches. Many who do not have a church home may enjoy an invitation to worship with us. Also, our small groups are an essential part of the life of our church. They consist of a time of fellowship, prayer, and teaching. We also have church-wide fellowships periodically. Areas of service include the Sunday morning nursery, Women in the Church (WIC), mercy ministry, Ushers/Greeters, and a host of behind-the-scenes activities which keep things running smoothly.