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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the Gospel?

     This phrase is often used and little explained. The classic Gospel message is that sinners are forgiven and accepted by God’s grace alone because of the work of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Whether we have never stepped foot in a church, or we have been a Christian for 30 years, we are all in the same boat – we need Jesus Christ to be our Savior and our Lord. His grace transforms anyone and any place that it touches. It affects everything we do at our church.
     Outward Face — The gospel makes us a people for others. The gospel teaches us to have a deep respect and a great hope for every non-Christian. We are a church not just for ourselves but for our friends and associates who don’t believe. We are relentlessly aware of and welcoming to non-believers in our midst. First, this means that we actively love our neighbors and seek to develop significant relationships with them. Second, we try to be sensitive to non-Christians in our meetings, being thoughtful in our communication of the gospel, inviting questions, never saying “just believe because we say so.”
     Community — The gospel creates a new community. We not only speak the gospel verbally, but we embody the gospel, making it visible through deeds of service and through community. The gospel completely transforms human relationships. Without the gospel, Galatians 5:26 tells us we will either provoke those to whom we feel superior, or we will envy those to whom we feel inferior. But since the actions of Christ on our behalf have both humbled us and assured us that we are loved and valued, we can be free from both envy and pride, and both inferiority and superiority.
     Changed Lives — The gospel produces changed lives. The gospel does not just reform people but transforms them. The gospel makes us “new,” not just “nice.” It produces an entirely new relationship with God, one of a personal father to a child rather than that of an impersonal boss to an employee. The gospel gives a whole new motivation for obeying God – love, gratitude, delight in God, rather than fear and self-interest. This means we have the freedom and power to love and serve others unconditionally with no strings attached. We no longer take our identity from what others think of us or from what we think of ourselves, but from what God thinks of us in Christ (1 Corinthians 4:3-4).
     Social Healing — The gospel produces social healing. All social brokenness is a result of sin. The gospel is the only cure. It makes us humble – which heals the brokenness between different races, nationalities, societal issues, etc.
     Cultural Renewal — The gospel produces cultural renewal. The gospel enables us to realize that all of our work matters to God. Scripture calls all of God’s people to be prophets, priests, and kings (1 Peter 2:9). As a result, all so called “secular” work is as valuable and God-honoring as Christian ministry. Also, God matters to all our work. That means the gospel shapes and effects the motives, manners, and methods we use in our work. Christians are to work in their vocations both with excellence and Christian distinctiveness, thus transforming the culture in which we live from the inside out.

Why another church?

     The fact that we started a new church does not mean there is anything wrong with the others in Lubbock. We are thankful for the other congregations in town and pray for them as we all want the Kingdom of God to flourish in Lubbock.
     The statistics show that the best way to reach non-believers with the gospel is to plant new churches. People in church plants tend to be very conscious about reaching out to the community. We have been fortunate to see lives changed through Providence, and we pray that we will see many more.

What does Providence believe?

We hold to the historic views of Christianity:
We believe in the Trinity –
     God exists eternally in three persons:
     the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
     These persons are of the same substance, equal in power and glory.
We believe the Bible is God’s infallible Word.
     It is fully inspired by Him, inerrant, and our final authority.
We believe God’s people are saved:
     Sola Fide ~ By faith alone
     Sola Gratia ~ By grace alone
     Solo Christo ~ By Christ alone
     Sola Scriptura ~ With Scripture alone as our final authority
     Soli Deo Gloria ~ Unto God’s glory alone
We believe Jesus Christ is fully divine,
     born of a virgin,
     lived a perfect life,
     died a sacrificial death,
     resurrected from the dead,
     ascended into heaven,
     and He will return.

What if I’m not Presbyterian?

     Great question! Actually, you will fit right in, because most of the people at Providence do not come from a Presbyterian background either. They do not come to hear a particular doctrine, they come to hear the good news about Jesus Christ who died for sinners like you and me.
     What if my life is a wreck? Welcome to the club! Church is not a place for people who have their act together. As Saint Augustine said, it is a hospital for sick sinners. That is why Jesus spent so much time with people who knew they needed help. Don’t think that you have to fix yourself before you come to church.
     What if I do not believe the Bible? Please come! What better place to investigate the claims of Christianity than in a young church where the Bible is held in high regard? Our church was planted for people who are facing the ultimate questions about life. Whether someone has been a Christian for 30 years, or has never stepped foot in a church, we are all in the same boat – we need Jesus Christ. I hope you will visit, meet our congregation, and see what Christianity is all about.

Worship at Providence

     Worship is at the core of our humanity. We were created to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Our tendency, however, is to look elsewhere for our joy and happiness. Money, careers, approval, achievements, power, recreation, and relationships often become the most important issues in our lives. True worship redirects our attention from these things which captivate our hearts and returns us to the only one who is worthy of worship – Almighty God.
     We confess and acknowledge one God alone, to whom alone we must cleave, whom alone we must serve, whom only we must worship, and in whom alone we put our trust. Who is eternal, infinite, immeasurable, incomprehensible, omnipotent, invisible; one in substance and yet distinct in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. — The Scots Confession (1560)
     Our Goal – Sing the Bible, Pray the Bible, Read the Bible, Preach the Bible
     Scripture is emphasized throughout our worship service. For example, we preach through books of the Bible, sing songs which are rich in biblical content, and read portions of Scripture each week. The Word of God changes us, and we should be exposed to it as much as possible.

What do you believe about the Bible?

     We believe the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. It tells us what we are to believe about God, and what our duties are to Him and to our fellow man. We encourage people to read it regularly. We also emphasize the Bible throughout our public worship.

I don’t go to any church – would I feel welcomed at Providence?

     Yes! One of the main reasons we exist is to serve those who are questioning the reality of God and the Bible. Everyone at Providence – whether you are skeptical of the Bible or fully embrace it – is in the same boat. We all need Jesus Christ. We need Him to save us from our sins and strengthen us for our daily lives. Christians are not better than others – we’re simply forgiven. We all struggle with obedience. Hopefully you will find Providence to be a place where you are encouraged by fellow strugglers, not disrespected by people who think they are better than others. We would consider it a privilege for you to visit.
     If you may be uncomfortable in a church situation, please contact me and I will try to answer any questions and let you know what to expect at church.

What in the world does “Presbyterian” mean, anyway?

     “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word which means “elder.” So a Presbyterian church is one who is run by a group of elders. This provides an important system of checks and balances to keep one man from having total control. Elders oversee the ministry of the church, making sure it is in line with the Word of God. Elders are also shepherds, and are to be servant leaders for the congregation. This concept of elders is not unique to Presbyterian churches – many Baptist and independent churches have the same structure to lead their congregations.

Where does the name “Providence” come from?

     Our name was actually selcted by the citizens of Lubbock. At the initial stage of our church, the congregation picked several possible names. We then went around the city to ask the people which names stood out to them. Providence was the overwhelming choice.
     Providence means that God is in control … of the big things and the small things. That is why we can trust Him in tough times, and why we can pray to Him. The struggles we go through in life are not because He has forgotten about us. Rather He uses them to strengthen us and show us how much we need Him.
     “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)